Master Cleanse

Day 2 master cleanse.  I am sort of combining my starting days of raw and juices.  Luckily for me one of my amazing friends surprised me with 2 big pitchers of juices he made himself.  My mc partner says he’s feeling great so far enjoying his raw days.  Tomorrow I am going into the actual cleanse, one day ahead of my mc partner.  Might I add I will also be spending the day doing yard work…  Probably awful timing..  One thing you realize when doing master cleanse is how much extra time you have when you take eating out of your day.  Needless to say I’ll be geocaching a lot over the next week and a half.
It’s 3:30am, sweet dreams.

ps. Yes that’s my leg in the picture.


Fancy Salad Face Day

Today I joined one of my BFFs for lunch at Leafy Greens Cafe in St. Pete.  My friend would have much rather been dinning at the shop next door where they feature bacon cookie, but he’s always sweet enough to humor me with his company.  Leafy Greens is very tasty and offers an all raw vegan menu.  I had the tacos and they were great.  The tortilla was replaced with a fresh leaf of romaine lettuce and the meat was a yummy mixture of spices and ground walnuts.
Now I fully admit, I am not the biggest fan of eating straight raw.  (I’m sure you have gathered that already if you read my post professing my love for vegan donuts.)  I love fresh veggies of course but morning, noon, and night is a little excessive.   It makes sense though.  Everything is compound energy made into matter.  If you take in raw energy your body will operate at a higher level.  See we are somewhat educated beings after all.
Leafy Greens gets that and knows how to make the biggest lovers of meat appreciative some raw goodness for a change.


Leafy Greens Cafe

Side note! Tomorrow I am starting Master Cleanse.  Beginning by eating two days of raw vegan food.  The third day only drink juices.  Then for 7-10 days it’s only the mixture of water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and grade b maple syrup.  Then the reverse off, one day juices, and two days raw.   Getting stoked!

Stepping Forward

It’s been some time since I posted and for that I am sorry.  Obviously I don’t expect the world to change over night just from a few clever clusters of words shot out into the nether of the cyber world but we all have moments that give us no choice but to stop and regroup.  My hiatus from writing was brought on my several sad and unfortunate events of which myself and the community of friends I consider to be my family will never recover from.  With that, today is July 24, 2012 and the only thing any of us can do is step forward.

Today is going to be a simple start.  Fresh green beans, and straw mushrooms sautéed with olive oil, Braggs, garlic, and a little organic sugar, over a mound of quinoa.

It’s important to remember when stepping forward that what you put in your body is what is going to hold you up.  Healthy body.. healthy mind… blah blah blah.  🙂

Not to intimidate anyone out there but I’ll be doing Master Cleanse soon.  It’s important to have a partner when doing Master Cleanse and luckily I have a great friend cleansing with me, even though he lives 4 hours away.  I’ll be blogging everyday if anyone else is interested in doing the cleanse.  The more the merrier.  This is my favorite cleanse.  It’s tough but beyond worth it.

Click the link below to learn how it works!

Master Cleanse:

The lemonade is prepared by mixing the ingredients in this free recipe:

Airport living

As if the stress of flying isn’t enough, unexpected trips can set you into a tailspin.  I found myself pulling up to a large house in the Garden District of New Orleans, LA, sometime around 9:30 last evening.  This trip was completely impromptu and I didn’t have time to pack snacks in advance. My mission was to drive my sister’s  car up and safely delivery of her two beautiful children.  24 hours after watching Tampa fade away in the rearview mirror, I was in the Nola airport to head back.  Last minute flights are rarely ideal. Which is why I am here, in Miami.  The Miami International Airport is huge. There are lots of places at shop and eat, but if you find your*vegan*self in the gates of D1-D11, the pickins are slim. Aside from suffering through another few hours of personal sized plain chips, I found a little eatery called Ice Box with one vegan option. There was a sandwich in the case that would have been great, had it not been prepackaged with feta. However, the vegan soba noodle salad was great.  (soba noodles, shiitake mushroom, edamame, bean sprouts, carrot, sesame seed, soy bean oil, garlic, soy sauce, and other spices)
This traveler is very tired but glad to not be hungry.


The Vital Truth

1% of Americans are vegan.  This is not surprising.  Nearly everyone in our government has an ulterior   motive fueled with dollar signs. Those dollar signs are usually fueled by the meat and dairy industry, in one way or another.  Monsanto’s monopoly on corn alone is filling politician’s pockets as we speak. Fun fact: While feeding cattle a corn based diet is cheap, if the same cows were fed a green based diet for something like 5 days they would lose 80% of the e coli that forms inside of them.  We all have a price, no matter what we are growing.
It’s the American dream!  Make money!  Push your product on people, even if it will kill them in the end! Here in America, that’s good business!
Do you know what the antonyms for naive are? Sophisticated and artful. When were those words taken out of the american dream?
The vegan 1% of us have figured out that in America we are all being treated simply as pawns.  Always taking what’s in front of us because we are told to do so by the advertisements that are allowed to tell us what to think because big business is using our political leaders like puppets.

Newsflash!  We have freedoms in this country that rival all others.  It is our constitutional right to know who is pulling the strings and why.  And we have the greatest tool ever created, as to date, the internet. June 2012- ” Scientific observation has suggested that humans may not be natural meat eaters because of their long intestines, similar to natural plant eaters such as apes and gorillas.  Carnivorous animals(cats, dogs, hyenas, coyotes and wolves ect.) have short intestines necessary for the quick defecation of meat.”  They even provide their readers with a link to to learn more.
Forks Over Knives May 2011- Probably one of the best film documentaries on the benefits of eating a plant based diet released in years.  The entire film is on the science of the human body and it’s based on the research of American physician Caldwell Esselstyn and professor of nutritional biochemistry T. Colin Campbell.  Both these men were raised on dairy farms.
The list of information available to us goes on and on.

Many people have already started listening and removing all the misconceptions instilled in us since childhood.
President Bill Clinton went vegan, and he was the Elvis of the White House.
Larry Hagman, went vegan, lost 30 unhealthy pounds, is back acting, and is in impeccable health at 80 years old.
Cornelia Guest, known Long Island socialite, went vegan and was featured in Veranda magazine because of it.
I  went vegan many years ago and not only have these past years been the most healthy of my entire life, but I have actually been able to reverse major health issues along the way.
We have to fight for our lives and we didn’t even know we were at risk so deeply.  Learn to dictate your own lives and not just swallow down the governments silver spoon dietary propaganda… Paid for by the very industries that are trying to kill you.

I recently met the owners of Viitals, a healthy bakery and coffee shop in South Tampa.  Everything in their store is vegan.  I spoke briefly with one of the two owners as I ordered my tasty treats and what he said shocked me.  This is a person that makes it so obvious that he truly cared about providing healthy choices to his customer, yet his demeanor seemed so defeated.  He expressed his concern for our society and said more times then non the customers who are the most interested in knowing how to live a more healthy life are already very ill.  I told him to stay strong and that he wasn’t alone in the fight.

Hit The Bricks

I first graced Tampa with my presence in 2001.  I hopped around a few different cities over the years but always make my way back to this pop. port. point.  In December of 2011, I made a huge leap of faith and put my name on the deed to an Ybor City home.  YC helped mold me into the person I am today.  It’s rich history and architecture are iconic.  It attracts people from all walks of life to it’s busy streets and restless nightlife.   It’s the kind of place where you can get lost in a crowd yet look to your right and see a friend smile and wave, no matter what time day or night.  I am not the only nostalgic nerd who has taken the idea of holding on to these, at time seedy, roots and building this tiny city back to what it once was.  YC is slowly but surly becoming the “It” spot to live, not just play. 
Now, I am not sure how familiar you might be with this but there are obviously two sides to YC.  The locals and the non-locals.  These two parties are usually identified by a quick nod of the head in passing.  Over the years it has seemed that the one thing us locals were lacking was place to just hangout, maybe eat something other than bar fries n’ pizza, and be able to get a decent beer.  In 2010 Brian Schaefer, of SkatePark Of Tampa, gave us just that.  Schaefer opened The Bricks on July 5th of that year with the love and support of his friends and family, and a whole lot of elbow grease.  This cafe/ bar/ restaurant/ gallery space/ venue/ hangout spot/ always a good time, has quickly become one of my favorite places to be.   On Tuesdays they even have a free movie night.  The Bricks menu is great as well.  It is loaded with fresh and healthy items that taste absolutely wonderful.  The veg friendly noms are clearly marked but most come with cheese so you’ll have to give them a heads up that you’re vegan.  I had the portabelly sandwich earlier today, sans gouda, and true to it’s name I did in fact get a portabelly.   If you haven’t been there go immediately.  All you have to do is walk in, pull up a seat, and enjoy an evening with your new friends. Trust me, all who work there or are a patron, are so nice and fun to be around, you will become a fixture in no time. 

The Bricks 


A Noble™ Cause

Technology completely blows my mind on a daily basis. The advances in science and technology that are constantly being made, change our lives with every breath we take.   We have computer simulation programs that have made the need for animal testing obsolete.  (Well, that is another discussion for another time.)  Our moral compass is slowly becoming stronger and more refined with the growing flow of information available across the globe.  Now, I’m not sure if it has become very obvious yet but I am the type of person that enjoys knowing lots about lots.  I can’t even commit to a magazine subscription until I have researched its company’s origin and possible intentions in future endeavors.  In our hustle and bustle society this mentality seems a bit nostalgic, even weird to some.  I have the sneaking suspicion; however, that with all of our fancy “space phones”, as funny crust punk once put it, and other various broadband slinging devices, that this trend is back on the rise.  There isn’t anything we can’t find out at the tap of a touch screen.  Now lets think about one of the other items that this world could simply not live with out.  Water.  Technology and water?!  You would be amazed how closely we have woven these two threads.  Both are our modern day’s life force.  Without either of these two things our lives would come to a halt.  Now, go grab the nearest water bottle.  Everyone, most likely, has one somewhere around them or some other plastic vessel.  Okay, flip it over and see what the resin identification code on the bottom is.  This is usually located below the recycle symbol.  This code is placed on plastics to indicate their polymer level.  One of the most common resin codes found on water bottles is PET or PETE.  This stands for polyethylene terephthalate.  Yes, you have been putting this to your lips dozens of times a day and it is made from something that sounds completely terrifying.  Oh and fun facts about this plastic, which you definitely won’t find written on the bottom, are the factory that produces this polymer pal is owned by a major Texas oil company and the residents of the town this plant is located in, have something around an 84% higher rate of cancers than anywhere else in Texas.  See, I was not kidding when I said I like to know lots about lots.  All this recent fact findings lead me on a frenzy around my house grabbing every plastic container I could find and researching them down to their molecular formula.  Which PETE’s is (C10H8O4)incase you were wondering.  Of all the plastics I grabbed, only one grabbed me back.  It is called Polylactic Acid (PLA). This particular type of plastic is derived from actual renewable resources, like corn starch, tapioca roots, and sugarcane.  You simply could not believe how relieving this information was on my heart.  I come from a very humble background and if it’s not natural then naturally it shouldn’t be in our bodies.  True to form, my next move was to research the company that was bottling, absolutely amazing tangerine juice, in this way.  You can actually throw their bottles in the compost and within 100 days it will completely breakdown.  The company is family-owned, operated, and located right here in central Florida.  Noble / Blue Lake Citrus, has been around since 1927. This 84 year old citrus company is the first of it’s kind to use this type of plastic in their bottling.  Imagine that, a company which was started during the Great Depression and has watched it’s friends and family go off to wars and weddings, is at the technology frontline with it’s PLA flag firmly in the ground.   I immediately emailed Noble and facebook stalked everyone I could that seemed to be connected to them.  This is not creepy I swear, if you have a last name chances are someone has already done the same to you.  I received an email the next day thanking me for my appreciation of their company and was invited it tour their facility.  What an amazingly sweet company!  Noble cares about their family, product, customers, and the Earth.  Le sigh, how refreshing is that.
Moral of this story..
Use our many resources to their best potential.
Care for and educate yourselves on everything around you.
We only get this one chance, so nobly, lets take it.

Noble website